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Sparkle Rinse Aid

Sparkle Rinse Aid – Premium grade liquid rinse aid for automatic dishwashers and commercial conveyer dishwashers. Prevents spotting, assists in drying, leaves ni residue. Suitable in hard water conditions.

SPARKLE RINSE AID is a drying agent which when added to the final rinse water of glass or dish washing machines, by means of a specially designed feeder, dramatically reduces drying time of washed articles. SPARKLE RINSE AID also markedly improves the finished appearance of crockery, glassware and cutlery by eliminating water spotting.

SPARKLE RINSE AID is a blue moderately viscous liquid and contains ingredients which, when mixed with water at 60-90°C rapidly lowers the surface tension of water and prevents water from forming droplets on a surface. This product is equally effective in both soft and hard water as it contains a water softener and anti-scaling agents.



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